Geometric Sniper - Blood in Paris

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  • Game Description:

    In Geometric Sniper - Blood in Paris you will have everything you loved in the first game (Geometric Sniper) and many other new features!

    As a Sniper you will have to pay attention to the details and look for the right moment for the shot. Your targets know they are wanted and will try to hide in a variety of ways. Have patience to take a clear shot memorizing the information for each mission.

    In partnership with French intelligence, you will have to prevent innocent lives from being lost. With increasingly challenging missions, you won't have a second chance. Accuracy is everything!

    With live maps designed exclusively for this fantastic game, locate explosives and their targets in a crowd, buildings and other situations. This is a 2D sniper game like you've never seen!

  • Game Modes: In all game modes the locations of targets and objects are random, so you can have a lot more fun!

    • Adventure: Help Andrew fulfill his missions to protect the people of this magnificent city! In 8 missions, one more challenging than the previous one, every detail counts: from carefully observing the mission information to finding the perfect shot opportunity.

    • Find Sharpen your precision even more! Have fun in this game mode where you will have 8 missions to find various objects scattered in the scenarios and hit them before time runs out. How fast and accurate are you able to shoot?

    • Elite In this mode you will test your skills. After the end of the adventure mode, it will be enabled and you will have to complete the 8 adventure missions without the help of zoom and precision. With this mode a new ranking is also enabled. How fast and accurate can you be with these limitations? Who will remain at the top of the Sniper Elite?

    • And much more ...


    After the end of the adventure, you will also unlock the "replay", where you can play the missions again seeking to reach the top of the ranking with the perfect shot.


    Who will remain on the top? Who will be the fastest and most accurate Sniper? These questions will be answered here! There will be a classification for adventure and elite mode. Killing innocents in the game will result in many lost ranking points, causing the ranking to drop, so be precise and hit the target!