Dwarven Valley

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What is it like to be a dwarf? Feel it on yourself, choosing any occupation to your liking: to become a farmer, a fighter in the arena, a treasure hunter or an owner of a tavern. A real dwarf knows how to cook beer and defeat the dragon!

Why do dwarfs have strong hands?
Correctly, to dig into the ground!
Clear the territory, build a house, a pigsty, a chicken coop, a cowshed. Do sour cream / yogurt or peck cakes.
Dig up the earth and grow everything that grows: from onions and pumpkins, ending with rare species of sweet figs.

Why dwarf need a strong arms?
Of course, to pierce the walls and armor of enemies.
Enter the arena and fight in PVP[/ b]-battles without rules. Win the title and mark this in the nearest tavern.

Gold rush? Yes, of course I heard!
In the valley of the dwarves, they only talk about the mysterious treasure hidden in the dungeon. Days and nights groups of diggers are sent in the hope of finding a treasure. Can you get to it before the rest?

What dwarf does not like drunken fights?
Behind this, they go to the taverns. As an owner, you not only control the supply of food and profit, but also have to put things in order in your tavern. Soothe especially ferocious visitors by any means, so that the tavern flourishes. Or organize your underground club for fights without rules, and use the tavern as a cover.

Love at first sight ...
Did you like that slender beauty with the sharp gaze of the archer? Give her flowers and invite her on a date. Build your happy family.