The Last Hero

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Many years ago, a brave hero defeated Rorudark, an evil wizard that tried to destroy the world. Rorudark was trapped in the depths of the world, but centuries later his anger and extreme power set him free, and how revenge Rorudark cursed all the animals and creatures in the world, which are now attacking people. Now our last hope is you, The Last Hero. Now go, defeat your enemies and Rorudark, and save the world!

- The Last Hero is an incredible adventure for one player, in an immersive world and with challenging stages!
- The game have 100 different and lovely levels, in a total of 10 different worlds!
- 30 different items, with 11 powerful swords to buy and use!
- A total of 30 different enemies, with challenging fights and immersive!
- Lots of different obstacles, platforms and traps!
- An incredible soundtrack, with cool musics and sounds!