The Depths: Prehistoric Survival

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The Depths is a prehistoric survival game, where you play as a prehistoric creature and try to survive from baby to alpha of the seas. The game will feature 20 creatures at the start, from fully aquatic creatures like the Mosasaurus to Semi-aquatic creatures like Spinosaurus. The Game features several large islands, a massive ocean with caves, and tunnels to explore. The Depths wants to produce a quest system based on real-life creature needs and desires, gone are the days of sitting around to grow or being bored, now you will need to migrate, mate, and dance for your hopeful mate and see if they choose you. Nothing better than seeing a spino do a mating dance!

FeaturesReal Aging and Alpha System The Alpha system comes into play when you are playing with groups of friends, when your creature becomes the oldest and strongest in the group they can randomly become the Alpha of the group, this grants them stat bonuses and will make them stronger and faster than normal members of the group. The Alpha system is based off real animal behavior and there can only be one Alpha, so if you come across another Alpha you will need to fight the Alpha to the death to keep the Alpha status, or you will lose the Alpha status if you run away, since true Alphas will not run. The Age system starts once you are born and you will continue to grow throughout your life until you die in battle or if your lucky you die of old age. There will be stat affects when you become fully mature to boost stats, and the opposite when you start to become older and no longer have the pep in your step like you used to. Over time each creature can die with old ageStats and Large Ai The stat system is a randomly generated stat system that will start when your creature reaches adolescence, these stats will randomly generate and it will affect your play style, this can cause you to have lower speed but higher bite force. Don't worry the system will be set up in a way to always have a stat lower if one is higher. You can also birth in your friends and the stats of the parents will mix and affect the child's stats. The Depths Also features Large AI that will attack and try to kill you along with smaller base AI to keep you fed, these will spawn more when the server is low and they can be any creature in the game.

Dismemberment and Natural Based Quests

Ever play other survival games and wonder why models were not more damaged? Well, wonder no more. The Depths will feature dismemberment of all creatures, this is based on how creatures actually attack in the ocean, shark charge at there pray ripping pieces off at a time, leaving a bloody floating mess...want to see this..So do I and it will be included in The Depths. We also want to make this game not just awaiting to grow simulator, so we will have a natural-based quest for things creatures would normally just want to do, like migrate, be in herds, mate to become an adult, eat other competitors babies, I know I know harsh but hey do you want to have to compete against more large creatures? Thought so, neither do I! Need things to get even more natural how about when its time to become an adult, you will need to mate, so how do you do that, just find a pretty lady and make a baby? Not so fast my friend you have to earn her affection, and show her what you are made of doing a mating ritual, and this will allow her to see your stats and know if your a worthy mate for her future children. Spinos, time for the chicken dance!Custom CreaturesThe depths is featuring 20 custom creatures on release, you can find the full list of custom creatures on our discord.