Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Genres: Fighting
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Never underestimate the heart of a champion. The original tag team fighter that started it all is back. Tekken tag tournament 2 delivers new and returning characters in the largest roster ever. Experience the most advanced attack mechanics, ultimate combo move sets and new battle modes. With innovative features to broaden tekken consumer accessibility, unlimited fighter combinations & multiple ways to challenge your friends - get ready for the next battle!


  • MUSHROOM BATTLE - Pick up different mushrooms to enable unique power-ups

  • EXCLUSIVE COSTUMES- Customize with Nintendo cross-over costumes

  • TOUCH PANEL MOVES - Use the gamepad touch panel to execute move sets and combos

  • TEKKEN BALL - Enjoy the return of the legendary beach volley battle.

  • MULTIPLAYER MATCH - fight in a 2-on-2 tag-team battle, 1-on-1 or 1-on-2

  • PAIR PLAY - the ultimate team brawl with up to 4 players each controlling a character

  • FIGHT LAB - learn the mechanics & combos of tekken + customize combot's moves & appearance

  • LARGEST ROSTER - more than 50 playable characters - the biggest tekken roster ever

  • TEKKEN CHANNEL - replay video of matches to analyze your hits & misses for the next fight

  • NEW STAGES - fight in your favorite countries and locations around the world

  • TEKKEN TUNES- mix in-game music to play to a new soundtrack or import your favorite songs

  • CLASSIC MODES - arcade, ghost, versus, team, time attack & survival

  • CUSTOMIZATION - the most detailed set of customization options yet seen for tekken