Mage Drops

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Mage Drops is a unique magical golfing platformer. It combines elements of traditional golf and minigolf with puzzle platforming and a twist of fantasy magic.

It evolves the hit-and-wait formula of golf by adding magic so you can continue to influence the ball mid-flight, and you can control elements of the environment such as pinball-like bumpers, flippers, moving and rotating platforms, and much more!

The environment itself is also full of magical capabilities, some you can use to your advantage, and some hazards and traps: bounce off bubbles, gain powers by flying through magic rings, cling to jelly walls, propel yourself using explosions, ride on clouds, grow plants to use as platforms, burn away obstacles with fire, and so much more!

The Feel:
• a beautiful calm atmosphere of serene music and nature, and low pressure gameplay. The perfect game to relax with
• gameplay is clear and accessible, simple enough for a complete beginner, but revealing its challenge and mastery for more seasoned players

The Goals:
• unique scoring system combines the traditional strokes/par of golf with timer-based scoring. So you need to be precise AND fast to discover all the game has to offer
• collectibles and platforming puzzles: unlock and explore all 8 worlds in the game by winning gold in each cup. Master ingenious platforming puzzles to discover all the secret artefacts and find the game's true ending

The Journey:
• master the use of magic: fire, water, wind, earth, electricity and much more, to find the fastest way through courses and discover all the secrets!
• 8 unique worlds, from forests to underwater, from a machine world to the cosmos! The gameplay in each is themed, so new possibilities, tricks, and traps unfold as you unlock new worlds. (eg first world is forest themed, so you can make trees grow to use as platforms, giant flowers can suck you in and spit you out, living bushes will try to block your shots, and more) Discover the unique possibilities of each world!