Block N Load

Genres: Action , Strategy
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Block N Load combines first-person action with strategic constructionthat sees teams competing to build defensive and offensive emplacements, beforetunnelling, leaping and charging into the enemy's base.

Block N Load features destructible arenas that get explosive makeoversas teams meld tactical action with strategic creativity. To aid them in theirobjectives, combatants can initially select from six heroes who each offerunique combative and tactical advantages such as Cogwheel, an unhinged weaponsobsessed robot; O.P Juan Shinobi, a deadly Ninja you won't see coming; or DoctorEliza Doolally, who shuns ethics in favour of applied chemistry. In addition toactive and passive abilities, each player will also have access to anarray of weapons and blocks such as mines; force fields; bounce pads; gluetiles; turrets and giant bombs.