Anno 1404: Venice

Genres: Strategy
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Anno 1404 Venice will combine the signature gameplay mechanics of Anno 1404 and the richness of the Venetian culture. In addition, gamers will now be able to play Anno 1404 with their friends thanks to the new online multiplayer mode. The add-on is due to release next February 2010 in EMEA territories.


  • A brand new environment: Venice

    Embody a new Venetian character, Giacomo Garibaldi.

    Take control over a city thanks to your economical influence.

    Build an Armada, custom-building your very own fleet.

  • Extend the gameplay in Anno 1404

    Up to 300 new quests with two new modes: trading race & ship boarding.

    60 new items to aid your expansion & domination.

    Play through new scenarios and face new challenges.

    Collect new achievements, medals and crests.

    Discover & exploit a new range of islands including the Volcano Islands.

  • Now play Anno 1404 online in multiplayer

    Challenge up to 3 Players in versus mode.

    Develop secret alliances, infiltrate your enemies and sabotage their expansion.

    Play with friends in Co-op mode and defeat the AI.