Outpost Engineer

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Outpost engineer is a first person crafting and logistics game set on a volcanic island.

Modify the terrain, plop down miners, lay out conveyor belts, build structures, plan your factory.

BackgroundYou are tasked to establish a self-sufficient Research and Development outpost on a newly discovered ocean planet.
You are required to analyze your environment and communicate your findings back to earth.
  • Atmosphere: Breathable earth-like atmosphere.
  • Target Outpost Location: Isolated volcanic island.
  • Life indicators: Sparse plant-like vegetation.
  • Environmental Threats: None known as of date.
  • Goals: Catalogue life forms and local resources. Establish R&D Outpost. Communicate Research.

  • Building: The terrain is fully destructible. Structures can be built from concrete, wood, metal and rock resources wherever you like.
  • Factory Automation: Automate mining and production. Distribute electricity. Layout conveyor belts to provide resources for your factory machines.
  • Research: Every resource can be analyzed. Your findings will be communicated back to earth, in exchange for new blueprint unlocks.
  • Technology: Every 3d asset in the game is voxel-based. The terrain and all 3d models are rendered smoothly using marching cubes (no blocks).