Necronomistore: Black Friday - Season One - The Big Little Demo

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In the middle of nowhere, there stands a shopping centre so large it can be classed as its own state. Its name? Necronomistore.

We at Oddfellows welcome you to experience a strange world where the grass is a blood red, the skies are a dim brown and it never stops raining.

Standing tall in this world is the largest Necronomistore yet known to monster-kind. A depraved place full of shoddy lighting, barely legal food stuffs and slightly passable safety standards:
Navigate a large interconnected map full of secret back rooms, parks, garden centres, cafeterias, theme parks, malls and a saloon to wash it all down with.
Every item is unique. Have your eyes melt from your skull as the detail within each packaged product will tempt you in.
Strange story with twists and turns at every corner.
Animated, dynamic cut-scenes. All chock full of awkward pauses and a moody atmosphere.

The plot revolves around former Necronomistore CEO and Founder Harold, now the resident rantaholic Janitor.
Bitter and angry at the world after being framed for a crime he did not commit, Its up to you to help Harold blow this mystery wide open and expose the Necronomistore for what it really is.

Current note: Necronomistore: Black Friday is in active development and will change over time, this not only includes the detail but the set release date too. Check back regularly for new screenshots, trailers and updates on the project.