Necronomistore: Black Friday

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Between the 6th and 7th layer of hell, buried deep between pick-pocket alley and Silkworm Square, there stands a monolithic structure marvelled by demon kind. Its name?

Get ready to sell your soul to the Necronomistore Corperation, working as a full-time employee! We have everything you'll need to comfortably arrange yourself with for a small period of time.

With just our indoor section alone we provide: Groceries, Mostly Fresh Vegtables, Electronics, Bare Essentials like Toothpaste to valuable Toilet Paper, DVD'S, the latest in Video Games, Freshly Freezer-Burned Prepackaged Nutritional Meals and much, much more!

"But wait! What about the outdoor section?" I hear you ask, good question Chum! Not only are you getting a Scenic Garden Centre full of prickly flowers and slightly dangerous wildlife, but you also get to experience the magic of Seagull Land, the outdoor Seagull Zoo complete with an Animatronic Sing-Along Camp Show. But wait, there's more! Nosy around our Janitors Personal Living Quarters complete with Firefly swarm.

You don't even need to sign anything! By playing Necronomistore: Black Friday, you will be automatically applied to use our new Soul-Link™ technology, thus ensuring a tailor-made simulated second afterlife program will be ran if the worst should happen. Well? What are you waiting for, chum? Join our family, make friends, savour paychecks and live like the pioneers did. Yeehaw!