Last Stand: REBORN

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After a recent security breach from stored objects within one of GRC's research facilities, you are required to go in and investigate an anomalous entity. You will be dispatched to a site or a location near the site, to eradicate the entity.Predatory (Multiplayer)Predatory is a game mode which puts you in either control of the GRC's Weapon Response Unit or the entity that has powers beyond imagination and can track and hunt its prey while being invisible.
Each game requires a set of steps to be completed, some with optimal or dynamic steps which affect how it plays out. The entity has been attuned to a powerful energy source which prevents it from dying, but you can still cripple it to allow you to escape, or by dispatching the energy source you can then neutralize the entity.Reborn (Singleplayer / CO-OP)Reborn is a story mode which takes place before, during and after "Project: uxUV". Where you undercover the truth about the GRC federation.Moddable GamemodesAll game modes apart from the Reborn story mode are written with Lua, and will allow for server owners to customize or make their own game modes, change how weapons function, allow for custom user interfaces and multiple server Cvars to disable or enable certain features.