Last Command

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Snake game x Barrage = New-style action game!"Last Command" is a new action game that combines the elements of the classic game Snake game and the barrage. You must dodge the enemy's barrage and collect scattered data points to cause damage to the enemy. Win the thrilling boss battle and uncover the secrets of the two-dimensional world!

▉The basic operation of "Last Command" is inherited from the classic game Snakes, and the simple operation is mainly based on the arrow keys, allowing novice players to learn and enjoy the game in a short time

▉ In addition to the basic operations based on the arrow keys, the "Final Command" has added two new actions, "sprint" and "analysis": sprint can help you avoid danger more quickly; and analysis can make you slower Carry out all-round movement, making the operation of the crawler program more flexible.

▉One of the key features of "The Last Command" comes from a large number of non-repetitive boss battles. The bosses encountered in the game have their own unique shapes and attack methods, and the attack mode will change with the blood volume range. The full version of the barrage, and even the space obstacles that are in desperate survival, test your ability to respond to various difficulties and satisfy players who love challenges.

▉ In the boss battle of "The Last Command", you can also equip the crawler program with various chips. The chip will give the program many special abilities, allowing you to choose different chips to combine in response to changes in the level. As the game progresses, the types of chips obtained will increase. Find your own chip combination to overcome the difficulties!

▉"The Last Command" not only contains a wealth of boss battle levels, but also creates a concrete two-dimensional world for exploration. In this two-dimensional world, there are various man-made programs of the same or different types as you, and you will engage in dialogue with them, form fronts, or fight each other, so as to learn about the world's intelligence and your own mission.

▉ Up to 17 original BGMs, high-standard production of independent games, and completely original game music, bringing you a unique gaming experience!