Guardians of Lumen

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The land of Lumen is hostile. Monsters, both the Horrors and the Daemons, force the residences to live in 9 strongholds while they prowl the wastelands.

Against the beasts of shadows, two forces strive to keep the people safe:
The Deciphers study and worship the past in hopes of carving a path to the future.
The Guardians fight and serve, ever ready to help even the smallest of citizens.
With the help of ancient spirits, they stand ready against the darkness.

Will you aid them?

Key Features:
  • Classic, turn-based combat with modern twists.
  • 26 Unique Ay, each with their own Ability Tree, Quest and play style
  • 6 Playable characters each with history, emotions and a story of their own
  • An interactive world where your actions are remembered and honoured.
  • A unique progression system, unrelated to experience points or skill point grinding
  • 180 Mini-dungeons
  • A story that moulds to your actions.

I hope you enjoy it.