Duty on Forest

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Duty on Forest is a rescue game that contains lots of action! With various gameplay difficulties, you can adapt to the best, and challenge each gameplay.
In Duty on Forest you will control Saddler, who must enter a forest and recover 2 boxes of precious materials, stolen by a paramilitary group. And for that you will have three weapons. You can play in the 3rd or 1st person.

The government was transporting some boxes with rare materials between the states, but during the transport the plane that made the journey ended up being shot down by a paramilitary group in a forest.
Saddler, a special forces soldier who was close to the scene, was called and was the first to arrive at the scene with the mission of recovering the boxes, no matter how many people he must kill for this to happen.
In this story you will control Saddler and must retrieve the two boxes of rare materials that have a locator before the paramilitary group removes the boxes from the location.