Alchemist Adventure

Genres: Action Adventure , Role Playing
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Alkimya is an Adventure, Action RPG game based in Alchemy which allows you to create your own means to explore a world of science and fantasy. The player will unlock the secrets of the past by using the power of potions, defeat threatening enemies, solve puzzles and transform the environment to become a true alchemist. The player starts as a young woman who is waked up, confused and without memories, by a mysterious flying homunculus. The game brings a journey of self-knowledge and survival in the region of Isur, former home of brilliant alchemists, but now abandoned and devastated. Together, the characters will face deadly danger in an adventure that comes to challenge their skills and friendship.

- Make your own potions: Combine Air and Fire to create Lightning or change flasks to transform an explosion into a barrier.
- Interactive environment: Through alchemy, you can transform the surroundings and solve puzzles. Raise the water level of a lake, cross a river by creating ice platforms, use the wind to move objects, create lightning to start an engine!
- Challenging combat: Don’t just fight hard, think hard! Use the elements to discover enemy weaknesses and resistance.
- Alchemy puzzles: Solve challenging puzzles by using different potions. Pick the right element, the right flask, and most importantly, use your wits!
- Fresh fantasy world: Explore different regions, such as a homunculi factory in a volcano, and use your Alchemy to survive and explore them.
- Customize: Choose the kind of Alchemist you want to be through the skill tree system. Pick the skills that better fit your own playstyle!
- Upgrade your Gear: Improve stats and skills by crafting new pieces of armor!

Alkimya is a game with multiple regions. You will explore places like an abandoned city, an alchemy laboratory hidden in the woods, and a destroyed homunculus factory inside a volcano. Each region has many challenges, hidden secrets and a unique dungeon with an exciting boss battle waiting just for you!

Isur Region Map

Alchemists need ingredients to create potions and they can be found anywhere: dropped by animals, plants, rocks and destructible objects. There are many different types with a multitude of uses, and some are a lot harder to find than others.

Primary elements give elemental properties to a potion. Each element produces a potion's unique special effect, such as killing chance, burn, critical damage, etc. and combining elements opens up new possibilities and effects.